5 Life Lessons “Professor” from Money Heist Taught Us

Things we can learn from the character “El Profesor”

Harish Maddukuri


Photo from Netflix

Professors(Teachers) play a prominent role in everyone's life. But over time teachers’ sense has shifted. To others, their best friend, parents, life and bosses, etc generally who endures one with something trailblazing and guiding skills.

We can learn something from the character of Money Heist. The Professor (Sergio Marquina), played by Álvaro Morte, is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist. The mastermind behind La Casa de Papel has enlightened us about some great life lessons. If you are interested you can see this What can we all learn from the Netflix series Money Heist

1. Self-Belief

Self-belief is the positive feeling you have inside that you are capable of anything. You feel empowered, confident, and fueled with virility in the face of challenges and problems. And those who haven’t got it, those with negative self-belief, probably let many things go by undone.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

— William Shakespeare.

In Money Heist, when Professor starts his gang, some of them had no idea what to do in life. They were doing the wrong things to survive and had doubts, lacked self-faith. But in the series, the words of Álvaro Morte and inspiring persona is an embrocation to those who don’t have self-belief.

Photo from Netflix

2. How to stay calm

A lot of people are impulsive by nature. They react quickly, panic easily, and get angry in no time. But here’s The Professor who showed us that losing one’s mind in a tricky situation will only make things even worse. It’s quite rare in La Casa de Papel he loses his calm. The art of staying cool and composed is something to imbibe in ourselves from the most intelligent man on the show.

Mistakes and pressure are inevitable; the secret to getting past them is to